The Amity Affliction @ Thebarton Theatre 17-06-17 (Live Review)

The eager crowd was lined up in the cold, down Henley Beach Road and around into the dark side street, waiting in anticipation. It was the first show of the tour and looked like a full house by the end of the night. There was an awesome lineup with The Amity Affliction headlining, 2 bands from America (Beartooth and PVRIS) and a local Aussie band from Perth, Make Them Suffer.

Metal band from Perth, Make Them Suffer, was the first band up with their opening song, Widower. They had the crowd in a circle pit, wall of death and continuously moshing throughout their whole strong set. Fireworks is their song they haven’t played live before and they still had the crowd moshing and jumping around the whole time. Make Them Suffer had so much energy bounding around the stage, except the drummer because he can’t really move… Definitely worth getting there early to see!

Next up was Beartooth. I loved their soundcheck, which was ‘1-2-icecream sandwiches’. They had the crowd up jumping, moshing and in a few circle pits. They played 2 crowd favourites; Sick of Me and Hated. Their set of 7 songs went so quick that the crowd chanted ‘one more song’ over and over… But nah, lights turned on.

Making the trek from the US, alternative band PVRIS really pumped up the punters, ready for Amity to follow. They had the crowd singing along to all their songs and moshing. I hadn’t seen them live before and they sure did not disappoint. The only female on stage, Lynn Gunn, owned it with her powerful singing and her mad skills on guitar, keyboard and smashing the cymbals.

The band everyone was waiting for – The Amity Affliction. I was so keen to see them again, since I went to Melbourne to see them last. The crowd went crazy for them once they hit the stage. They started with Open Letter as the confetti cannons exploded into the crowd.

Shoes were being thrown up in the air, flying across the room. Crowd surfers constantly. Jumping. Singing. Moshing. There was a huge sea of Amity merch throughout the audience.

Stand out songs from the night were Pittsburgh (will forever be one of my favourites) and the finale of This Could Be Heartbreak. All I can say is they seriously brought the heat (literally)!

It will go down as such a memorable night for all their die-hard fans. It was a very special memorable night for Shane and Kiara. Shane proposed during the chorus of Open Letter, which is a heartfelt song that really resinates to them and many.

What a blast! What a night.

Check out the setlist below –

  1. Open Letter
  2. Lost & Fading
  3. Never Alone
  4. I Hate Hartley
  5. Youngbloods
  6. Chasing Ghosts
  7. The Weigh Down
  8. Death’s Hand
  9. Some Friends
  10. I Bring The Weather With Me
  11. Shine On
  12. Fight My Regret


  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Don’t Lean on Me
  3. This Could Be Heartbreak

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