Something To Rescue @ The Jade Monkey 11-10-14 (Live Review)

Something To Rescue’s Single Release for Dreamer was held on Saturday the 11th of October at The Jade Monkey. With support  from Animal Shadows and Weekday Wolves. There was a 70-strong supportive crowd who mostly came early to see all the acts.

There was a mixed crowd of all ages, and even a puppy!!

The day began with Animal Shadows, also known as Tom Gaffney, playing his set. A mixture of keyboard, bass and singing. He even played bass guitar with a violin bow!! I’ve never seen anyone do that before and it was awesome 🙂

Next support was Weekday Wolves. It was a warm Saturday afternoon and Joe thanked his two fans (side-stage, keeping them cool). Then the bass player, Matt thanked everyone else who came to their show.

Lastly, the main act, Something To Rescue and I guess I play their songs too often because my mum knew most of their songs 😛 Lead singer, James, rocked the audience participation with their clapping and singing along. And of course, they saved best to last with their release of their new song Dreamer.

An overall awesome show by all three amazing acts. And it was cool to see the bass player of Weekday Wolves leaving the gig on a skateboard, down the streets of Adelaide.


View all photos- Animal Shadows//Weekday Wolves//Something To Rescue


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